Ipso Erit
Lorem Ipsum at Macba
30 June - 2 July 2018
Curated by Alicia Escobio and Anna Ramos

Lorem Ipsum presents a series of proposals operating in the margins and folds of several things at once: music, performance, artistic research, experimentation; the queer, racialised bodies, displacements and people out of place; diverse and disparate operations of dislocation of languages, meanings, gestures and objects, from the musical, in search of a mild strangeness.

The cycle opens with Lolo & Sosaku, with work specifically designed for the Museum’s Atrium. A proposal of attentive listening mediated by metallic structures that speak, listen and move. Sound subtleties and situated sounds inviting us to explore.

Luis Adelantado Gallery, Valencia
26 April - 28 June, 2018
Photograph by David Zarzoso

Glaciar sonoro Difuso paisaje at MAVA
Lolo & Sosaku + Tito Diaz
Jueves 15 de marzo - 19:00H 2018

Working Glass, MAVA
13 Februaly - 27 April 2018
Curated by Emil Garvia-E1000

Disco 2018


Educational art project
13 - 17 November 2017

Hombre Masa
Palace of Culture, borderline art space, Iasi, Romania
curated by Laura Tammen, Tangent projects
21 July - 20 August 2017

clip1 from stellar

Tower A. Private Collector’s Space, Suzhou, China
6 June - 2 July 2017

in collaboration with Miguel Pardo, Marcelo Aguirre, Andrew Leek
Temps de Flors, Girona, May 2017

18:55 09.05.2017

Paper 2017

Hybrid Matter
Arts Santa Monica, Barcelona
curated by Irma Marco and Anna Manaia
21-23 April 2017

Educational program
14- 18 November 2016

Hermès by nature by Lolo and Sosaku Lisbon 2016


Galeria Contemporanea do Camara
October 15th - November 4th 2016



From July 16 to October 16, 2016, Power Station of Art (PSA) of Shanghai, presenting the exhibition “Snacks” . With the participation of artists and artist groups and their unique art works, the exhibition showcases the unclassifiable ideas, experiments, and experiences of diverse life styles in different places all over the world.

Curator : Gong Yan
Artist: Wen Ling、Marcel Dzama、Dai Jianyong (Coca)、Si Wei、Feng Li、Lolo & Sosaku、Yu Ji、Dong Pan、Nathan Zhou、Xiang Yata , Luke Morgan 、Dagua×Li Shanshan 、Escif、Jan Bucquoy、Boris Hoppek、Eduardo Kac、Olivier de Sagazan、Wang Yiquan、Jin Ningning、Hiroshi Watanabe 、Chen Zhe、Shen Wei 、Yuichi Yokoyama.

Slide 2016

Cristal 2016

Motors ll
Installation view

Lolo & Sosaku(西班牙)

艺术家组合Lolo & Sosaku对音乐和声音持续进行实验性研究。2014 年开始,他们在装置中使用了马达,使这些乐器雕塑能够独立地进行发声表演。“零食”作品《马达2》。



silk screen printed on 50 x 70 cm 250 gr. on white matte paper.
Hand numbered , Limited edition of 50


Plastic 2016

Black Plastic
Bien Urbain 03 June - 30 July 2016 – Besançon (FR)
Curated by Escif
Photo by Elisa Murcia Artengo


Curated by Tangent Projects,
May 7th - June 19th 2016 - Fundació Gaspar, Barcelona

Presentation of ''Fustes, cordes i motors''
Convent de Sant Agusti, Barcelona
27 May 2016

sketch of Instrument, 2013/2016
New section! Check out http://loloysosaku.com/sound-sculptures/sketch-of-instrument/

Interview by David Quiles
Full Interview at:
July 2015

Gold and Dancer 2015

expositor system 2015
We design this box and the expositor for Apres Ski <3

Man Ray from the album "Super Hard Something" By Lolo & Sosaku
Choreography and Performance by Sabrina Ribes Bonet
Release / Classicworks Records
Directed / Lolo y Sosaku
Space provided / Miscelanea
"Super Hard Something" a 16 track EP of harsh noise, power electronics and classic drum-machine sounds forming piles of distorted textures. Highly visceral, fast and frenetic music.
available on April 20th on a limited edition cassette tape, and digital download formats.
Buy digital version at:
Beatport: http://btprt.dj/1Qb9brs
iTunes: http://apple.co/1GbxyQ7
Bleep: http://bit.ly/1be3yIz
Boomkat: http://bit.ly/1K01Syy
Juno: http://bit.ly/1IyxnyJ
Buy Cassette version at:

Super Hrad Something
Cassette and digital format are arrival at Classic Works
released on 20 April 2015

Joel Shapiro Smoking 2014, wood and acrylic paint

These sculptures form part of the series "Joel Shapiro Smoking", inspired in works by the homonymous artist. The show was on view through December 23rd 2014 at Slowtrack, Madrid.

"Swingers Installation", 2014, Collaboration with the Argentinean artist duo Lolo y Lauti

Installation comprised of 3 tables and a projected video. On the first (black) table, there was an orange football between two monitors that played two synchronized videos of us playing volley with that ball on a ping pong table in Parque de la Ciutadella. On the second (wooden) table, the audience could play using ping pong balls and paddles of different shapes and sizes made by us. On the third (white) table, separated by three bricks, two iphones taped to two ping pong paddles played two synchronized videos of us playing ping pong at the gallery (which one?), recorded by those same two iphones taped to the paddles. Projected onto a wall, there was a video of the football in different situations in Parque de la Ciutadella.

Thanks to Choice and Mutuo for the support!

¨Motores¨, 2014 , sound installation

Thanks Eufònic for inviting us to create a customized sound installation for this space.
The exhibition was on show through September, 13 at Lo Pati Centre d’Art de les Terres de l’Ebre.

¨Copy things¨ 2013-2014 , wooden sculpture , variable dimensions

The installation "Copy things" (2013-2014), was part of the collective exhibition "Summer Times" curated by Miss Van at Yusto/Giner gallery, Marbella. Participating artists: Schu, Socatoba, Landry A., Lina V Persson, Sixe, Nano 4814, Boris Hoppek, Mike Swaney, Okuda, Olek, San, Kafre

¨tres up blue¨, 2014, acrylic and spray paint on canvas , 96 x 72 cm

Our new series of paintings, (inspired by / ) customized for Lindo Killer, was on show at Mitte Gallery, Barcelona, through July, 11th, 2014

¨Club Petanca la Llagosta¨ 35 x 5,30 m

Our mural ¨Club petanca la llagosta¨ (35 x 5 m) is a homage to the local boccia-players, exercising in the area of BAUV,1st edition of Urban Art Biennale del Vallés, which took place 22-25 May 2014

Video and label for 4 Kilos http://www.4kilos.com/

Produced by: 4kilos

Director: Lolo y Sosaku

Director of photography: Julieta Lutti 

Assistant of photography: Abelardo Vladich

Edition: Lolo y Sosaku

Sound: Lolo y Sosaku

Sigurdur Tómas Helgason (Father )

Marlon Nelson Lorek Pallarés ( chess 1 )

Karen Klink ( chess 2 )

Juane Segovia ( commoner )

Hernán Andrés ( man 1)

Ilia Mayer ( man 2 )

Ezequiel Bloise ( couple man )

Bea Tittudo ( couple woman )

Thanks to:

Familia Herrero
, Lorena Cabral, Juanjo Fernandez 
and Veronica Lahitte

Still from ¨Ancha es Castilla / N'importe quoi¨, 2014

Written and directed by Sergio Caballero
Art Direction: Lolo y Sosaku, Sergio Caballero

Character Design: Lolo y Sosaku

Cinematography: Claudia Mallart & Marc Gómez del Moral

Edited by: Martí Roca

Cast: Lolo y Sosaku, Rita Caballero

Music: EVOL

Supervisor: Pedro Alcalde

Produced by AM Films / Sónar Festival

Photo by Biel Capllonch

directed by SERGIO CABALLERO, 2014

"Ancha es Castilla / N'importe quoi" is a horror film with sick humour, which tells us the story of a girl possessed by the devil. Exorcism is conducted by the family in order to get rid off the evil spirits. An explosive mix between "The Exorcist", "Jaws" and "God Save the Queen".

First images of Sónar 2014!

Thank you Sónar for trusting in us and our director Sergio Caballero :)



Sound Play Concert in Collaboration with Thessia Machado

"Concierto aquástico" was the first musical experience under water in Madrid, where the audience submerged with bathing suit, bathing cap and snorkel under the water, in order to enjoy the live-compositions by four invited sound artists: Oscar Barras (noise), Lolo y Sosaku (acustic sound), Peakmood (electronic sound), Adilis (DJ set)
While the artists produced their sounds in an exterior cabin, the audience had the chance to convert into a resonating body under water and feel the music with the whole body. A unique experience to perceive new sounds.


Debens feat. Lolo y Sosaku
5 Sept – 21 Sept 2013
, Galeria Senda

Opening of the show "DEBENS REMIX SESSIONS" at Senda Gallery

05.09.2013 - 21.09.2013
Debens Remix Sessions
Debens Remix Sessions

extract from Press Release, Galeria Senda:

Deabens featuring Alberto de Blobs, Lolo y Sosaku, Mina Hamada and Pau MF

Where does the work of one artist end and where starts the next one? In a gallery this may be defined by a frame, in the street this is different. Based on this premise, Debens (Barcelona, 1980) invites Alberto de Blobs, the duo Lolo and Sosaku, Mina Hamada and Pau MF to break this classical boundary and therewith mark the first Solo Show of Urban Art in Senda Gallery. This “supergroup”will break the limits with individual works, but also collaborations between 2 or more artists – a way of production, which pretends to demonstrate the collective and cooperative action of Urban Art.

Absolut invited us to create these GIF Banners

An Eye For An Ear presents a night of live electronics, outsider dance music and heavy doses of experimentation.

From abstract house to 90's electronics, analogue techno to electro-acoustic music, trap to ambient, industrial pop and noise to instrumental hip-hop, heavy beats and heady synths - possibly the most eclectic and experimental line-up


Extract from press release, MUTT Gallery:

After three years of MUTT gallery, celebrating solo shows by artists as Rubenimichi, Miju Lee, Sergio Caballero, Lolo y Sosaku or Aitor Saraiba, between others, Mutt is about to open its first group exhibition. Under the title „Are you the fire or just another flame?“ we have tried to unify a selection of international artists, who have been exhibiting at MUTT before, who will form part of future actions at the gallery and whose work is, from our point of view, relevant in the current artistic panorama. (...) In this mighty and rigorous line-up we have selected the best of the bests of young national and international emerging artists deriving from painting, illustration, graffiti, net art and more.

photos here:

Axes using pendulums, gears and springs for the construction of instruments whose sound is driven by human impulses. 
Live performance at Meeatings23 , Barcelona.
22.02 2013

Creative experience:
Sound sculpture
SonarKids returns on the weekend of 22nd & 23rd December with a huge sound installation on the slope of CosmoCaixa Barcelona.
A participative tour around the almost 20 meter high slope of CosmoCaixa. Children and parents will have the opportunity to construct and make sounds with the different pieces, putting together therefore an immense organic sound installation created on site and hand crafted with elements such as wood, fishing line, pendulums and magnets.
Artists Lolo and Sosaku will take charge of the giant installation on the slope by building from the dozens of hand crafted and interactive sound installations, created according to the laws of physics. A total of 200 small microphones produced by these 37 individual instruments.
An hour long route where children and parents will be able to experiment with simple instruments to create rhythms, and other more complex instruments to create melodies, in order to discover in a practical way the creation of music at the hands of physics.

An initiative of:

Organized by:

sound check at MUTT Gallery

Interview Eikyo Magazine
Autum 2012